Case Study: Implementing a Salesforce Screen Flow Sign-In System for Circles Indy


Circles Indy, a vibrant local organization, convenes weekly meetings to engage members, share information, and onboard new participants. With an increasing number of attendees, the group sought a more streamlined and efficient way to manage sign-ins, capturing new leads, and updating existing member information.


The manual sign-in process was time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to duplicated records and outdated contact information. The group needed a solution to:

  • Quickly distinguish between new and returning attendees.
  • Efficiently capture new leads.
  • Allow existing members to update their contact details.
  • Maintain data integrity and comply with privacy regulations.


To address these challenges, Circles Indy decided to implement a Salesforce Screen Flow sign-in system. The system was designed with the following features:

  1. Interactive Sign-In Interface:
    • A user-friendly screen flow was developed, allowing attendees to easily input or update their information, streamlining the sign-in process.
  2. Automated Lead Creation:
    • The flow incorporated logic to identify new attendees and automatically create Lead records in Salesforce, capturing essential contact information.
  3. Existing Member Identification:
    • Returning attendees were provided with a search functionality to locate their existing records using their email or phone number.
  4. Contact Information Update:
    • The flow enabled existing members to review and update their details, ensuring the group maintained an accurate database.
  5. Data Validation:
    • Built-in validation rules were implemented to prevent data entry errors and duplication, enhancing data quality.
  6. Meeting Association:
    • Each sign-in record was linked to the specific weekly meeting, enabling detailed attendance tracking and reporting.


The project team followed a phased approach:

  • Phase 1: Requirements Gathering – Collaborated with group leaders and members to understand their needs and expectations.
  • Phase 2: Design and Development – Leveraged Salesforce Screen Flow to design a bespoke sign-in process, incorporating the identified requirements and additional considerations like GDPR compliance.
  • Phase 3: Testing and Feedback – Conducted pilot tests with a small group of members, gathering feedback to refine the flow.
  • Phase 4: Deployment and Training – Rolled out the system to all members, providing training sessions to ensure ease of use.
  • Phase 5: Monitoring and Iteration – Continuously monitored the system’s performance, making adjustments based on user feedback and evolving group needs.


Implementing the Salesforce Screen Flow sign-in system led to remarkable improvements in the operational efficiency of Circles Indy weekly meetings:

  • Increased Efficiency: The sign-in process became significantly faster, facilitating a smoother start to meetings and maximizing the time available for group activities.
  • Improved Data Integrity: The occurrence of duplicate records was substantially reduced, and the overall accuracy of the contact database saw considerable improvement.
  • Enhanced Member Engagement: The streamlined sign-in experience and the ease with which members could update their information contributed to higher levels of satisfaction and engagement among attendees.
  • Better Insights for Outreach: The system’s robust tracking and reporting capabilities provided the group with detailed insights into attendance patterns. This information proved invaluable for planning and optimizing outreach efforts, particularly towards potential donors. By capturing detailed contact information accurately, the group was able to personalize their communication and engagement strategies with existing and potential donors, making outreach efforts more effective and targeted.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The Salesforce Screen Flow system proved to be adaptable and scalable, accommodating the group’s growing needs and providing a solid foundation for future enhancements.

The introduction of the Salesforce Screen Flow sign-in system not only streamlined the weekly meeting sign-in process but also transformed the group’s approach to data management, member engagement, and donor outreach, setting a new standard for operational excellence within the organization.


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