Our focus on declarative solutions ensures swift progress towards a tangible return on your investment, enhancing your team’s efficiency.

Strategize success with tailored Salesforce consulting for a competitive edge.

Boost sales and marketing with strategic Salesforce solutions for enhanced customer engagement and revenue.

Transition smoothly with Data Migration/Clean Up services for accurate, optimized Salesforce data and peak performance.

Address Salesforce challenges with Project-Based Services for expert guidance and innovative CRM strategies.

Enjoy seamless Salesforce management with Managed Admin Services for support, maintenance, and optimization.

Stay ahead with AI Implementation/Strategy, integrating AI into Salesforce for insights, automation, and personalized experiences.


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Seasoned Salesforce experts and strategists dedicated to transforming businesses with passion.

Certified Advanced Admin / Platform App Builder

I’m Dave, an entrepreneur specializing in work tech, specifically as a Salesforce Admin. With a knack for problem-solving and a focus on long-term solutions, I’m committed to helping businesses thrive. Outside of work, I’m a devoted husband and father of five, finding purpose in my family and faith. Through Portwood Global Solutions, I offer tailored Salesforce administration services to optimize CRM potential and streamline operations, empowering clients to focus on business growth.

Certified Admin / Data Specialist

Hey there! Nidhi here, all about project management mojo! Currently interning as a Salesforce Admin/BA at Clicked, and lending a hand at Portwood Global Solutions for Circles, a non-profit gig. Past gigs? Making customers happy and optimizing teams at Conduent and Apexon. Agile and data analysis are my go-tos. Outside work, I’m a culinary adventurer and travel enthusiast. Let’s chat and see how I can support your organization’s goals!

Certified Salesforce & Hubspot Professional

I’m a people girl in an IT world, bringing my decade+ of client-facing experience to the Salesforce space, bridging the gap between high performing humans and the technology they need. The light of understanding in someone’s eyes as they see what’s possible with the solutions we provide is the greatest reward! Outside of my quest to master Salesforce I love to sling barbells and kettlebells, go on hikes and Harley rides with my husband, and drink all the coffee!

Certified Admin / Sales Expert

As a seasoned Sales Leader, I excel in driving revenue by optimizing sales processes, maintaining clean pipelines, and analyzing data. With extensive experience as a sales tech power user and former Hubspot Administrator, coupled with recent Salesforce Administration certification, I bring a unique blend of strategic insight and technical proficiency to Revenue Operations and Salesforce projects. I’m ready to leverage my expertise in Salesforce, Hubspot, and related technologies to help deliver impactful results and drive your business growth.

What sets Portwood Global apart is their unwavering persistence and creativity when faced with solution obstacles. They consistently pushed the team forward–working long hours and relentless tinkering–ensuring that challenges were met with innovative approaches and resolved efficiently. Portwood Global’s commitment to excellence and ability to drive results make him an asset to any team. They also are a hoot of fun to work with and a great people in general. It was a pleasure working with them and I wholeheartedly recommend them for any role where their expertise & leadership can make an impact.

Portwood Global has this incredibly unique way of being able to “speak both languages” when working with operational leaders as an absolutely wildly talented Salesforce administrators and tech gurus. Portwood Global and I worked closely together while building Salesforce for a large organization. I could call Portwood and explain to them what I wanted something to look like or the output I needed, and Portwood could translate that into actionable and tangible results. If I asked for something impossible, I would receive a “no, but” as they were committed to finding a solution that would work (and it was usually better than what I thought I wanted anyways). They listen – they really listen – and is committed to providing exceptional results. Their excitement and passion for what they does is evident in their daily work!