The Pizza Strategy: How I Grew My Business Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s talk business growth, but keep it simple. Imagine this: you’re hungry, you’ve got a couple of pizzas, and a bunch of people who could really help your business. What do you do? You share those pizzas, right? That’s exactly what I did, and it kicked off my whole journey from real estate to tech, transforming the way I do business.

The Real Estate Days: Pizza as My Wingman

Back when I was diving into real estate, I stumbled upon a game-changing fact: people move around every seven years. That’s like, maybe 10 chances to work with the same person over a lifetime. But only focusing on that is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it. You need more buckets, not just a bigger scoop.

I used to think the hustle was all about finding new people to bug every day. But it felt wrong, like I was just another sales guy trying to make a quick buck. That’s not me. I needed a better way, something that didn’t make me dread getting up in the morning.

Then it hit me. The answer wasn’t finding new people; it was making the ones I already met bring their friends to me. But how? Well, I started with what everyone loves: food. Specifically, pizza.

I found this massive deal – 13 properties, big money stuff. I knew I could sell it, but I needed the right buyer. So, I turned to the folks who know buyers: property managers. I offered them a simple trade – their time for some pizza. And guess what? It worked. Those two pizzas turned into three solid leads, and one of them bought the whole package. The return on those pizzas was insane, like hitting the jackpot without even putting a coin in the slot.

Jumping Into Tech: Keeping It Real with Salesforce

Fast forward, and I’m now in the tech world, specifically working with Salesforce. The lessons from my pizza days? They came with me. In tech, just like in real estate, it’s all about offering value and building trust. Nobody wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to solve their problems.

So, I took what worked with pizza and applied it to Salesforce. Small businesses, they’re everywhere, and most are trying to juggle a million things without the right tools. I saw an opportunity to be their go-to guy, not by selling them something, but by solving a problem for them.

I started offering free Salesforce setups. It’s like giving away a taste test; once they see how much easier their life could be, they’re hooked. And the best part? I got faster and better with each setup. What took me a day now takes me just a few hours, and that means I can help more businesses without burning out.

The Secret Sauce: Service, Speed, and Simplicity

Here’s the deal: whether it’s pizza or Salesforce, the principles are the same. Offer value, make genuine connections, and keep things simple. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And nothing says “I care” like showing up with a solution before they even ask for it.

This approach turned my business into a referral machine. Happy clients tell their friends, and before you know it, you’re not chasing leads anymore; they’re coming to you. And with each new client, I get better, faster, and more efficient. It’s a snowball effect, but with less cold calling and more problem-solving.

Keep It Real and They’ll Keep Coming Back

In the end, growing your business isn’t about fancy ads or slick sales pitches. It’s about being real, solving real problems, and treating people like people, not just potential sales. Whether it’s through a slice of pizza or a free trial, the goal is the same: build trust, offer value, and keep things simple.

So, there you have it. My journey from real estate to tech, powered by the universal language of pizza and problem-solving. If you’re looking to grow your business, remember, it’s not always about spending more; sometimes, it’s about caring more. And who knows, maybe your version of the pizza strategy is just waiting to be discovered.

And that’s the story of how a couple of slices and a bit of kindness can open doors you never even knew were there.


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