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Join Us in Streamlining Communication for Circles Indy (Bricks Alliance, Inc.) – Limited Spots Available

Circles Indy, a cornerstone non-profit organization in our community, is undertaking a pivotal project to improve our outreach and communication efforts. Our aim is to efficiently organize our mailing lists and contact details to enable effective list mailings, crucial for our ongoing engagement and impactful initiatives.

The project entails the diligent loading of contacts, employing standard fields for uniform labeling, and incorporating custom fields where necessary to capture all pertinent information. We strive to utilize standard fields for all data, a method that has consistently yielded positive results.

We are inviting motivated individuals to join us in this endeavor. You will have the chance to engage directly with our stakeholders and team to discuss the project’s specifics and strategies. This opportunity offers hands-on experience with a non-profit, enhancing your expertise in data management and CRM systems in a tangible setting. While the role is pro-bono, the skills and insights gained will be invaluable to your professional development and to the vital support Circles Indy offers to our community.

Please note: We have limited this opportunity to two volunteers due to the focused nature of the work and our commitment to providing a meaningful experience. We anticipate a high demand for these positions and promise to respond to all applicants as swiftly as possible.

If you have a passion for organization, a heart for non-profit work, and the drive to make a difference, we encourage you to reach out. This is not just a volunteer opportunity; it’s a chance to contribute to a cause that strengthens and unites our community.

Let’s make a significant impact together. Join us in this enriching journey and help Circles Indy achieve greater efficiency and connectivity.

If Interested please send your resume or express your interest in an email with your resume or current experience. Send it to hello@portwoodglobalsolutions.com

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